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Sarah Walton Pottery

Small Mug

Small Mug

This features an eye-catching combination of teal and brick glaze that is sure to enhance any table setting. Its carved texture adds an extra layer of depth for the glaze to interact with and create interesting colour variations. The unglazed bottom offers an organic feel in the hand.

Dishwasher safe but washing by hand is always the better choice to keep your ceramic piece looking it's best! 

Small Mugs / Cups

10oz – 12oz

Medium Mugs /Cups

13oz – 15oz

Large Mugs / Cups

16oz – 18 oz

XLarge Mugs/Cups

17oz – 19oz

Mega Mugs/Cups

20oz – 23oz

**Measurements are approx. and may vary slightly. Ready to ship.

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