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Hello, and welcome to Sarah Walton Pottery! You know, they say that pottery is just dirt in disguise, but to me, it's so much more. It's therapy, my zen time and it's my creative outlet… a chance to get my hands dirty but make something beautiful, and useful, and oh ya, it's a great way to keep your manicure looking terrible!

I've been on this pottery journey for a few years now, and I've gotta say, it's been quite the ride. It started when I enrolled in an 8 week pottery class at the Visual Arts Centre right here in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. Who knew that a few lumps of clay could be so interesting? Don't get me started on the joys of wedging...and leaning how to centre...uggh, if you don’t stay focused you end up with a mess!!

But, do you know what my favourite part of pottery is? The community! I loved heading to the pottery studio and work alongside other potters, learning from each other and making new friends. Soon I began acquiring equipment, first my wheel, then a friend of the family gave me a kiln…what!! A 1961 manual kiln…that’s okay I’ll figure it out! And I did…Full steam ahead!

Juggling a full time job working for MAC Cosmetics and commuting to downtown Toronto everyday was cutting into my pottery time so in some ways it was a hidden blessing when the pandemic hit, and the world shut down. Now I was able to work full time with clay! I did feel somewhat isolated, as we all did, but this lead me to a new creative outlet, and huge learning curve. I decided to throw my hat into the ring and I started my own YouTube channel so I could still connect with fellow potters and pottery enthusiasts. I posted my first video in May 2021, and now it's like having a virtual pottery party in my basement, and everyone's invited!

Then, I was called back to work, back to the commute and rat race, I found myself a little stretched trying to balance everything I'd taken on, and sadly I wasn't able to keep up with steady video uploads and producing work, because let me tell you how time consuming video production is! But I kept at it, creating my art and video's when time would allow, and the best part is that my community is growing! I am always so amazed at all the different parts of the world my videos reach! I love having you all join me on this pottery journey and I hopefully inspire and entertain you with my videos and my art.

Psst...Now, I'm expanding once again and putting my work out into the world!! A little scary but exciting once again, having my own website! Who me? It too was a monumental learning curve mastering the program, but now I've learned another skill...web design! Still learning, still practicing, always evolving...


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Herb Name Stake - Rosemary
Cynthia Raffington

I bought 3 of these and they look beautiful in my herb garden. They complete the look I was hoping for. Amazing quality and design!!

Thank you for your kind review! I am so happy to hear that you Love your new Herb Stakes to complete the look of your garden. I take pride in the quality and design of my work and I'm glad that it shows. Happy gardening!

Large Mug - For the Love of Owls

Love this mug! It reminds me of my Granny. She loved owls as well as the colors pink and purple. Great packaging!

Thank You sharing this with me Catherine!! I'm so glad you will always be thinking of your Granny whenever you use my mug...so use it often 💕

Medium Mug - Mystic Zen #1
Brant Williams
My Favorite Mug!

The attention to detail is amazing. The bevel rim that fits your lip, the smoothness of the bottom and the ample handle, all of that comes together as a shining example of quality craftsmanship. Excellent customer service as well! Thank you!

Thank you so very much Brant! I'm so pleased that you love your new mug...and my work! Your support of my business means the world to me!

Medium Cup - Tumbler / Goblet

It was even more stunning in person. Photos don't do it justice. It was also packaged beautifully (and protected) I can't wait to get another

Thank you so very much Megan! I am thrilled to hear that you love your tumbler/cup and I am honoured to receive 5 stars! I strive to make the unboxing of my 'art' beautiful, yet functional...I pack my pieces securely to make sure that they get to their destination safe and sound...Thank you for the shout out on IG too!!

Large Mug - Soft Pink Swirl #1

Absolutely stunning colour combination, meticulously made and the perfect size!

Thank you so much Lisa! I'm so happy that you love this mug as much as I truly loved making it!

Table Spoon - Sea Foam
Julie Christian
Table Spoon in Sea Foam

Stunning spoon! We use it for scooping sugar and it looks perfect next to our coffee machine and resting on our Sarah Walton Pottery spoon rest! We love them both.

Thank you sooo much Julie! I'm so pleased you're enjoying your goodies!!

Large Mug - Fire & Ice
Georgina Pulido
Fire & Ice large mug

Thank you Sarah for my beautiful mug!!! I’ve ordered several times from Sarah and I’m never disappointed!!!! It arrives when scheduled and is soo well packaged!!! Couldn’t be happier!!!

Thank YOU Georgina for your continued support of my small business and for your kind reviews!! I am super pleased to hear that you love my work...thank you!

Never forget!

I thought I’d remember the glazes I used but no I didn’t have a clue unless I wrote them down. I started using Sarah’s Pottery Journal which saves me a lot of time trying to guess what I used. Thanks Sarah.

Thank you Eileen! I'm so glad this tool is helping you, heck, I'd be lost without it!!

Medium Cup - Tumbler / Goblet Pink Lake
Georgina Pulido
Goblet pink lake

I loved loved my goblet!!! The packaging was superb and arrived earlier than the original date that was given. I loved my goblet soo much that I went back and order a beautiful mug for my best friend. Thank you Sarah!!!!

Thank you Georgina!! Your kind review makes me so happy!!

Mega Mug - With Golden Embellishment
Deborah Tussey

Absolutely beautiful. I love my mug.

Thank you Deborah!!