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Sarah Walton Pottery

Ceramic Bird Feeder - Gravity Fed

Ceramic Bird Feeder - Gravity Fed

This unique ceramic bird feeder is designed to dispense the chosen feed from the top down as the birds use it up. I threw this on the potters wheel and finished it off with, in my opinion just the right amount of finishes. I've included a macrame handle to hang this gorgeous feeder in your chosen spot, a cork that will help eliminate water from getting in but not completely...this one-of-a-kind vessel will look stunning in your yard. 

I made many prototypes and came up with this final version, I thoughtfully crafted it with drainage hole in the bottom to allow for rain water to pass through. Ultra fine bird seed may flow through the holes so if you want to use a fine feed use a screen to prevent the fall through.(watch the video for how to do this & and turn up the volume!) I used a patch kit for a tent and it worked perfectly, again you only need to use a screen if the feed has fine bits. Larger feed does not need this step.

Stands approximately 7"H

**Bird feed not included. 

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