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Sarah Walton Pottery

French Butter Keeper - Mystic Zen #1

French Butter Keeper - Mystic Zen #1

If you don't know what a French Butter Keeper is, you're missing out! This kitchen essential is not only beautiful but functional. It keeps butter at room temperature fresher...longer! 

How does it work? 1.  Fill the 'lid' with soften butter. 2. Fill the base with fresh cold water approximately ⅓ of the way up. 3. Place the lid back into the base, this will displace the water which will now be in contact with the butter. 4. Change the water frequently. 

*Note: This French Butter Keeper has a slight pitting on the lid, this does not impact the use of this pot. With that said, I have reduced the price slightly. 

Comes with a wooden butter knife.

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