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Sarah Walton Pottery

Medium Cup /Highball - Arizona Sunset

Medium Cup /Highball - Arizona Sunset

My pottery is functional art and is to be used and enjoyed! This highball is glazed in my Arizona Sunset glaze combination on a deep rich burgundy clay body which peeks through in bands around the centre of the cup reminding me of a bikini. Beautiful shades of blues, teals and greens adorn this pot and is perfect for any cold or hot beverage! 

All of my pieces is dishwasher safe, though I suggest hand washing as harsh detergents can, over time dull the finish. As I have used a darker clay with a higher iron content I do not recommended use in the microwave as dark stoneware may get extremely hot!

Small Mugs / Cups

10oz – 12oz

Medium Mugs /Cups

13oz – 15oz

Large Mugs / Cups

16oz – 18 oz

XLarge Mugs/Cups

19oz – 20oz

Mega Mugs/Cups

21oz – 23oz

    **Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly. 

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